Pass tix fees to your buyers so there’s zero cost to you!


Branded ticket landing pages that makes it feel like your site!


Don’t wait for your money. Get payouts every two days!

A ticketing platform built for indie producers and venues.

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Tix Page Control

Take Control

Your name and branding is everything to us. That’s why our name, Tix.Page, is so literal. We want to be your literal tix page. You won’t see our name and logos and info all over your ticketing page.

Tix.Page | Flex Pass

Running a festival with simultaneous performances? Flex Pass allows your ticket holders to customize their festival pass at time of purchase so they can choose which shows they want to see – and you, the producer, can control crowd flow and venue capacity.

Tix Page Ticketing
Tix Page Flex Pass

No Account Checkout

Let your ticket buyers just buy! No need for buyers to make an account to check out from Tix.Page or download an app. See ticket, buy ticket, use ticket.

Team Permissions

Invite your whole team to your Tix.Page account and control what events each person can manage and what data they can see.

Tix Page Ticketing Team
Tix Page Concert

Event Cross-Listing

List your event on your company’s Tix.Page account and also have the ability to cross-list the event on the Tix.Page account of your venue and/or co-producer for maximum exposure and collaboration.

Tix.Page Pricing

your fee is passed on to the buyer at time of purchase so you pay nothing,

but your buyer will love you for these super low fees.


6% + $1.59

Ticket & Payment Processing fee

Eventbrite branding everywhere.

Recommends other producer’s events.

Holds your money till after your event.


5% + $1.49

Ticket & Payment Processing fee

Freshtix branding everywhere.

Basic landing pages.

Holds your money till after your event.


2.9% + $1.30

Ticket & Payment Processing fee

Beautiful brand centric landing pages.

Recommends YOUR other events.

Rolling 2-Day Payouts.

Flex Passes for festivals.

Free tickets are free to process with no fees!

Case Study

Check out the Tix.Page for RoleCall Theater – a theater based in Atlanta that hosts multiple event types and festivals at multiple venues every week.

RoleCall Tix Page

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